Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Skirmish in Kickapoo Springs"

Here is the finished product of the McMain High School mural project! It was a very intense experience trying to keep the high school students focused on a long-term project with Spring in the air! I think they did a terrific job and I hoped they learned a lot about doing such a large-scale image while staying true to historical accuracy...
We merged a couple of pre-existing images of Buffalo Soldiers and altered certain details to depict a Ninth Cavalry raid on a band of Indians who had kidnapped a rancher four days prior. I felt that by choosing a specific event in the history of the Buffalo Soldiers might take them out of the realm of legend and into real life heroes. I provided them with other reference photos of the gear, uniforms and weapons they would have used at that period in time. We anticipate doing another one next year at Warren-Easton High School if we are fortunate enough to secure the grant-funding for it.

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