Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Construction Wall Mural at the Aquarium

 Recently, I was asked to paint a simple mural on the temporary construction wall at the Aquarium while they consolidate the Stingray and Shark Touch Pool areas. I think it was remarkably successful despite being comprised merely of grey silhouettes.


Sunday, September 9, 2018

McMillian's Academy: Summer 2018


Every Summer, I do something new at McMillian's First Steps Day Care Center and Academy. Here is a brand new mural for their front exterior, an old mural renovated with new, bright colors, and a revisit to the mural I did back in 2006 for the cafeteria after Katrina. I understand so much more about anatomy now, that it makes me cringe to see how I gave a couple folks extra-long necks! Still, I'm proud of the work over all...

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"Muses Night at the Museum"

 Nearly everyone knows that photographing a float is one of the hardest things to do! It is usually parked in a "float den" 6' away from the next float, or is rolling down the street with lots of people standing in front of it! It is nearly impossible to catch it at any other point, as it is made to be on the move.


Regardless, here is my attempt to post a few photos of some of the favorites I worked on this year. I was the lead painter for Krewe of Muses this year, and hired 7 other painters to grace us with their artistic abilities. I painted "Washington Crossing Orleans Avenue" and "Mitch's Last Supper", dedicated to our outgoing mayor, then pitched in on several more.


 The Salvador Dali was one I jumped in to help finish on the last two days before it rolled down the street.


Backyard Mural, Private Residence

Earlier in the Summer I was asked to paint a 6'T privacy fence with an underwater scene behind the client's pool area. She would have been happy with a "Finding Nemo" look, but I couldn't help myself- I went a few steps further!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mama's Tattoo & Piercing Parlour

Boy, did I have fun with this one! This is a fictional location for an upcoming movie shoot on the grounds of John Schneider Studios. He is very clever at utilizing the existing structures on his property, not only utilizing them for his shoots, but making everything appear like a cool-looking village. Also, I really appreciate them allowing me to have some artistic freedom...

Thursday, August 31, 2017

McMillian's Academy

The McMillians have run an incredible day care center since their children were toddlers, but now their three children have graduated from college, two of them are teaching at a new Academy the family founded two years ago. And just like the day care center and preschool, they insist on having custom art adorn their halls. These are four portraits I recently painted to inspire the kids as they pass through the hall.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

"John Schneider Presents"

In late July, I painted some signage for John Schneider Studios... He and his partner, Alicia Allain are working on a series of live shows on his 58-acre premises in Holden, LA, slightly North of Hammond. The background for these the concert series will be the side of an old, weathered barn, and they wanted to stay in keeping with that look. To accomplish this, I removed a minimal amount of vines, and applied the paint in washes, clear-coating my work for longevity after I was done. Our inspiration was the look of a barn painted with "SEE LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN CHATTANOOGA,TN", though I used a banner shape to help the red and black letters pop off. I was proud of my clever idea to make a microphone chord spell out the word, "Presents", which I felt used the off-center division in his name to great effect.