Thursday, August 10, 2017

"John Schneider Presents"

In late July, I painted some signage for John Schneider Studios... He and his partner, Alicia Allain are working on a series of live shows on his 58-acre premises in Holden, LA, slightly North of Hammond. The background for these the concert series will be the side of an old, weathered barn, and they wanted to stay in keeping with that look. To accomplish this, I removed a minimal amount of vines, and applied the paint in washes, clear-coating my work for longevity after I was done. Our inspiration was the look of a barn painted with "SEE LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN CHATTANOOGA,TN", though I used a banner shape to help the red and black letters pop off. I was proud of my clever idea to make a microphone chord spell out the word, "Presents", which I felt used the off-center division in his name to great effect.

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