Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sportsman's Paradise: White-Tailed Deer Float

The first pic is kind of fun because you get to see what us float-painters have to deal with all too often.... cracking float cloth!  Imagine trying to paint any straight line on this broken surface.   This is why float-painters opt for brushes with long, soft bristles, ideally synthetic.  They hold up to our abuse fairly well yet also handle the lumps and bumps like a champ.  They replace the cloth in small panels on an "as needed" basis. Honestly, new cloth has its own obstacles.  They don't sand it after priming so it sucks in the paint while having the texture of sand-paper.

These deer are out frolicking in the sunset, and the light captures their fur in backlit warm tones for the most part.  I kept the trees in the background simple so as not to compete with the deer.  The photos have a warped look because it is only about 6-5' from the neighboring float.  We get to paint something that will be seen mostly from 10' to 500' away while only being able to view it ourselves at this narrow distance.  If I wait to take photos on the street or lined up in the Convention Center, it will have gold-leaf decoration and possibly paper flowers that will likely cover up the ability to truly appreciate  the work.

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