Monday, February 23, 2009

Dino Dig #2

It's never a dull day at the Zoo, but this day is particularly challenging for Mignon and I! I had spent the past week casting our "faux" fossils from molds taken of real fossils by Marcus Eriksen. On this day we were artistically arranging them in wet concrete for the "Dino Dig" play area of Audubon's upcoming dinosaur exhibit.
We had to arrange boards going across the 12' x 12' digsite in order to sink certain fossils in the center. I had a lot of fun pulling off this balancing act! I must brag that I never slipped and fell in once! the wet cement with gravel mixture dried our hands out terribly, and I rubbed the skin off the tips of two fingers. Next time I'll try and use gloves...

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