Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Finally, I have completed my portrait of Mitch Landrieu, our esteemed Lietenant Governor. It was an honor to paint the portrait of a man I have long admired for all he has done for our city and our state! I wish all of our politicians were as effective, but we must be fair... Being in charge of Culture and Tourism in a state like ours must make showing up for work exciting. Still, I am grateful that we have someone enthusiastic in that post! I also must thank Gene Meneray at the Arts Council for suggesting I begin this blog!

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  1. Hey I want one for myself, not of Lt. Gov. Landrieu, but of Chris and I. We can touch base as to how much time it takes to pose, how much can be done from photographs, etc. Maybe we can fit something in when we're down for Jazz Fest? Anyhow, I'm glad you're posting this blog; it gives the folks who live off the New Orleans Arts Grid a chance to see your work. Cheers! Mark